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  • Fraser Range – Rockford Project (Nickel-Copper & Gold)

    Fraser Range – Rockford Project (Nickel-Copper & Gold)

    The Rockford Project is located in the highly prospective Fraser Range district of Western Australia and covers a total area of 2,621km2 (Figure 1).  The Project comprises a joint venture between Legend (70%) and Creasy Group (30%), with Legend operator and manager of the joint venture and 262km2 owned 100% by Legend.  Exploration is targeting Nova-Bollinger style nickel-copper and Tropicana style structurally controlled gold mineralisation.

    Fraser Range District - Rockford Project Location

    Figure 1 : Fraser Range District – Rockford Project Location

    The Rockford Project comprises 12 contiguous granted exploration licences covering 2,621km2, located some 120km northeast of the Nova-Bollinger nickel-copper deposit.  Importantly, the package covers a strike length of 100km over a regional gravity high “ridge” associated with dense mafic/ultramafic intrusive rocks of the Fraser Zone, within the larger Albany-Fraser Orogen.  The Nova-Bollinger deposit, which lies within the Fraser Zone, is situated on a similar tenor gravity ridge to that of the Rockford Project, see Figure 2.


    Figure 2 : Rockford Project Location on Regional Gravity Image

    Legend acquired an extensive exploration dataset over the entire Rockford Project, which is constantly being added to by Legend’s activities and reinterpreted/interrogated to identify specific areas for follow up exploration. These high quality datasets include:

    • Project wide high resolution aeromagnetic data at 50m line spacing
    • Detailed gravity data over an 800m/400m x 100m grid, comprising 35,600 stations
    • Aircore drilling with multi-element analysis of bottom-of-hole samples
    • Detailed petrological descriptions of bottom-of-hole aircore samples
    • Project wide soil and calcrete geochemical sampling over an 800m x 400m grid.


    Exploration activities completed by Legend since the commencement of the JV on 23 September 2015 include:

    • Project wide aeromagnetic interpretation
    • 3D inversion modelling of the aeromagnetic and gravity data
    • Moving loop surveys over 25 target areas, 200.1km2
    • Fixed loop electromagnetic surveys over five target areas, 4.8km2
    • Ten RC drillholes targeting EM conductors, totalling 2,266m
    • Four diamond drillholes targeting EM conductors, totalling 2,652.1m
    • Downhole electromagnetic surveys in six drillholes
    • Aircore drilling 485 holes totalling 33,455m
    • Detailed infill aeromagnetic survey, 410km2
    • Detailed gravity survey, 10,294 stations
    • Target selection and evaluation.


    Future exploration programmes will involve a combination of moving loop electromagnetic surveys and regional aircore drilling programmes.  Follow up RC and diamond drill programmes will be undertaken as required.

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