Environment Policy

Legend Mining Limited is dedicated to being a leading and sustainable Australian Mining Company built on exploration and corporate success for the benefit of all of its stakeholders.

Legend aspires to being effective environmental stewards and managing our impacts, whilst both achieving operational excellence and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.

Legend is committed to positive environmental management outcomes to maintain and enhance performance, including:

  • Detailed planning ahead of the commencement of work programs to minimise, or if possible, eliminate any adverse impact on the environment.
  • Selection of employees and contractors who demonstrate a high-level of awareness and tangible commitment to excellence in environmental management and performance,
  • Collaboration with local communities to identify concerns, aspirations and any opportunities for improvement.
  • Promotion of respectful dialogue between employees and contractors to enhance the shared ownership of environmental performance outcomes.
  • Identifies, assesses and effectively controls any risk to the environment.
  • Provision of training and information to enable employees and contractors to work in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements as a minimum standard including identifying and reporting non-compliance and completing corrective actions.

Legend acknowledges the threat posed by climate change and will work to decarbonise our business in a measured, proportionate and sustainable manner.

Legend will foster a culture in which:

  • everyone is aware of their obligations in respect of the law and their role
  • everyone is accountable for the environmental outcomes of their actions
  • communication, consultation and active participation results in effective impact management
  • leaders are seen to provide environmental leadership

This policy applies to our people; a group we take to include all employees, directors, officers, contractors and consultants of Legend Mining and its subsidiaries.  Our people have a reciprocal duty to ensure that they take responsibility for their own actions and work both individually and as a team to fulfil the requirements of this policy.

Complete and consistent implementation of this policy and its supporting standards and procedures are required across all Legend Mining operations.


Oliver Kiddie
Managing Director